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Our services are varied to match the needs of each horse. For example, we provide indoor exercise in inclement weather. Turnout is either individual, pair or group depending on horses attitude and needs. We have dry lots for horses that cannot go out on pasture or do not do well with other horses.

We provide basic veterinary services (see below) and coordinate with a nearby veterinary center.


Included in base price
  • Custom diets and feeding programs designed for each horse base on analyzed pasture, hay, grain and supplements -- and TREATS!!!!!!
  • Consultation (at our expense) with veterinarians to evaluate specific nutritional problems.
  • Water intake monitored, warm water in winter.
  • Pastures and dry lots for individual or group turnout.
  • Indoor exercise in inclement weather.
  • Deworming program determined on individual basis.
  • Regular reports on condition and well being of horse.
  • Blanketing, sheeting and flymasks as needed (provided by owner)
  • Administration of medications** and flyspray.
  • Holding for veterinarian, farrier, dentist.**
    **May be additional cost determined on individual basis.
Not included in base price: veterinary, farrier, dentist, massuese fees , medications and vaccinations.
Coggins tests


Valley Vet Associates
(equine specialists in traditional and alternative medicine)
24 hour emergency service -20 minutes from farm.

Farrier - monthly visits and "on call" - trims to corrective shoeing

Equine dentist and masseuse available

557 County Rd. 26
Nineveh, NY 13813

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